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Exchange and refund policy

Return and exchange policy and air conditioner installation

* Return and exchange policy for exhibitions:-

1)In the event that the customer does not want the product, all he has to do is return the unused goods (provided that they are in full original factory packaging undamaged, including stickers, external fasteners for the carton and all accessories and attached instructions booklet) to the same store within (3) days from the date of the invoice for replacement or return.
2)In the event that the customer wishes to receive the returned goods from his site, the shipping value will be calculated at 100 riyals inside Riyadh, and the shipping value will be deducted from the refund amount (in the case of exchange, the shipping value is not calculated). 
We do not accept returns for products that have scratches or are damaged in their original packaging.

3)In the event that there is hidden damage that was not revealed at the time of receiving the goods, the customer must return them to the store within 24 hours from the time of receiving the goods in full original factory packaging undamaged, including stickers, all accessories, and an attached instruction booklet to verify the damage and do the necessary, otherwise Al-Shathry Company will not be responsible for any Compensation or replacement - It does not apply to concealed or split air conditioners of all kinds, including wall, ceiling, cassette, cupboard, and window air conditioners that were installed from outside Al Shathry Company.
4)In the event that the defect is apparent, the use of the device is acceptance of the device with the apparent defect.

5)In the event that the goods are not received within 30 days from the date of purchase, Al-Shathry Company has the right to return the invoice.

* Warranty, maintenance and repair:-

1-The original invoice is required for the guarantee to be valid.
2-Before installation and operation, you must read the instruction booklet attached to the product to avoid errors that may lead to damage to the goods due to misuse, and it will not be accepted under the terms and conditions of the agent’s warranty.
3-The products sold by us are insured by the agent's warranty for a period of two years, the agent's warranty starts from the date of purchase.

4-All electrical appliances we sell are designed to operate in the 220-240 volt range unless otherwise specified. If you do not have the proper range to operate the product using this voltage/electrical source, we advise you not to use the product.
5-Products damaged due to the use of a wrong electrical source will not be accepted under the terms and conditions of the agent's warranty.
6-If there is any problem with the product, we advise you to contact directly the authorized agent center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to request the repair of the product.
7-The customer can contact the company's customer service to find out the approved service centers for agents and ways to contact them.

* Terms and conditions for the installation and return of air conditioners:-

1-Al Shuthra reserves the right to refuse to return or replace the air conditioner after installation.
2-In the case of returning concealed air conditioners (concealed) or splits of all kinds, including wall, ceiling, cassette, cupboard, and window air conditioners, only the value of the air conditioner will be returned, but the installation service will not be returned.

3-Al-Shathry Company guarantees the installation of the air conditioner for 3 months, provided that it is installed by the company and that the copper extension is done by Al-Shathry Company.
4-Al-Shathry Company is not responsible for the suitable capacity of the air conditioner for the size of the area to be adapted.
5-A maximum of 4 copper meters shall be spent with each split air conditioner only if it is mentioned in the invoice, and it shall not be spent in the absence of installation or the presence of pre-installed pipes.
6-The value of additional meters for Korean copper is 80 riyals (tax included), and American copper is 100 riyals.(Taxes included)
7-After installation, the device becomes under the warranty of the agent, who bears all maintenance and repair work during the warranty period.
8-The customer must prepare the installation site (civil works, decoration, plumbing, air conditioning drainage...) and provide suitable electricity, provided that the height of the indoor unit is not more than 3.5 meters and the outdoor unit is 2.5 meters.

9-The installation team is not responsible for the extension of electricity and civil works.

10-The customer has to pay the value of the additional meters for the Korean copper 80 riyals inclusive, and the American copper 100 riyals inclusive or any additional costs before the installation process.

11-Al-Shathry Company is not responsible for the quality of the pre-installed copper pipes at the installation site.

12-In the event of the need to install a wall chair, the customer will bear the value of 65 riyals (including tax).
13-Al-Shathri Company is not responsible for dismantling the old air conditioner, if any, and in the event that the customer requests the dismantling, he will bear additional fees of 115 riyals, including the added value, and the cost of installing an old air conditioner on the site is 165 riyals, including the added value, and copper welding when the customer has copper, 65 riyals, including the added value of the indoor unit And 65 riyals, including the added value of the external unit.
14-In the case of drilling holes in concrete walls, if possible, an amount of (100) Saudi riyals (including tax) will be added for one hole.
15-The service that is not mentioned in a separate item in the invoice, the company is not obligated to perform it.

* General Conditions:-

1) Refund of the amount paid in cash, bank transfer, or extent by bank transfer within five working days (we need a copy of the bank card with the IBAN signed by the customer), payment by credit cards, the return of the amount to the same credit card.
2) The customer's purchase of products (as is or display goods) and obtaining the invoice is considered tacit approval of the condition of the device, and he is not entitled to claim any missing accessories or accessories after that.

3) Products purchased through the installment program cannot be returned and can only be exchanged for the same or higher value and in accordance with the above conditions.
4) In the case of purchasing package offers, the customer must return all products included in the package, and cannot be returned in part, provided that all products are in their original condition
5) the event of using the attached gifts, we regret not returning or replacing the product.

6) Prices and offers are subject to change.
7) Additional fees were charged when delivering outside the city in which Al-Shathry Company is located, according to weight, size and region.
8) The warranty is on the agent, not Al-Shathry Home Appliances and Air Conditioning Company.

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