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About Us

Abdul Aziz Al-Shathri Company for Home Appliances and Air Conditioning ... A Saudi facility established in 2011 
The sale and installation of household appliances and air conditioning through a group of cadres
Administrative, marketing and technical with great experience in the market, which made them fully aware
with market conditions and requirements, which made it able to meet the needs of its customers in the best possible way

Our Goals:

1- Attention to customers and speed in serving them 
2- Accuracy and punctuality
3- Development in performance and outstanding implementation 
4- Providing the highest quality of work
5- Seeking to raise the efficiency of our employees through continuous training on emerging technologies

The secret of our distinction: 

Teamwork promises a team spirit, clear vision, joint efforts and collective ideas at work
 The harmony of the elements of strength and discipline in the team of Abdulaziz Al-Shathri Company is the most important reasons for the progress and growth of the company
 Stemming from the investment of its successes and the integration of its technical, administrative and executive devices with the latest systems and technologies by providing integrated services to its customers.